Window Covering Trends For 2016

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Window Covering Trends For 2016

8 March 2016
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If you are in the market for new window covers, you may be curious to know what the trends are this year. Learning about the trends will help you select the drapes, curtains, shutters or blinds that best fit in with your home, while still giving off a stylish and trendy appearance. Here are four window covering trends that are expected to be big in 2016.

Bold Colors and Patterns

This year, bold colors and patterns are all the rage when it comes to curtains and draperies. Instead of painting your wall and using a bright accent color, or committing to a patterned sofa for five to ten years, you can bring in color and pattern with your curtains. Some of the hottest colors this year include bright fuchsia, bold blues and neon greens. And some popular patterns include large floral prints, Aztec prints, nautical prints and large and bold stripes. If you love color but are not sure how to incorporate it into your space, curtains and draperies give you the perfect opportunity to bring a pop of color without overwhelming or adding in too much.


If bold colors and patterns are just too out there for you, you can still make a statement with your neutral-colored window shades, curtains or draperies. You can make this statement through textured fabrics. A textured fabric adds depth and pattern to your window coverings without being as bold and in your face as bright colors or statement inducing patterns. Some of the hottest textured fabrics for window coverings are expected to be faux fur, supple leather, plush velvet and chunk needlepoint textures. If you are selecting a textured window covering, make sure you keep other textures in the space to a minimum. Pairing a microfiber couch and a cotton throw blanket with textured window coverings helps the window coverings stand out, rather than clash, with these items.

Natural Materials

Another window covering trend that is expected to be big in 2016 is the use of natural materials instead of synthetic materials. This is because more people are going green and looking for sustainable materials that create less of a carbon footprint. Instead of synthetic wood shutters and blinds, more people are opting products made from natural woods and bamboo.And instead of synthetic fabric, such as rayon, being popular for curtains and drapes, natural cotton and bamboo fabric are becoming more sought after. If you are worried about the impact that your window coverings could have on the environment, you may look for products made from natural materials and contribute to this trend. 

High-Tech Offerings

The last trend that is expected to be popular with consumers when it comes to window coverings in 2015 is high-tech offerings. The days of having to lift your blinds, open your shutters or draw back your curtains may be coming to a close. These days, consumers are looking to open or close these items electronically with a push of a button. This is just one of the high-tech offerings that you can get with your window coverings. Others include timers that open or shut your coverings based on the timer you set, or lighting that is placed near the top or alongside the window coverings that creates a more natural light in a room. If you are looking for new window coverings, consider going high-tech.

Shopping for window coverings can quickly become overwhelming. There are so many different options on the market. If you are a trendsetter and aren't sure what type of window coverings you are looking for, you might want to learn about window covering trends for 2016. This may help you select the curtains, drapes, blinds or shutters that make the most sense for your space while also being trendy and stylish.

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