Custom Cabinet Ideas For A Basement Mini Kitchen

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Custom Cabinet Ideas For A Basement Mini Kitchen

27 February 2018
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Whether you have guest bedrooms in your basement or you use the space for entertaining, adding a mini kitchen can be the perfect way to make snacks and beverages available for visitors. When planning out your mini kitchen design, you'll want to have plenty of cabinet space without taking up too much room. Here are some space-saving custom cabinetry ideas that are just right for a basement mini kitchen.

Corner Cabinetry And Drawers

When space is limited, you'll want to make use of every possible inch in your mini kitchen. Corner cabinetry and doors can offer the perfect solution. Custom-made corner drawers fit the angle of the corner while offering ample room for utensils, pantry items, and other kitchen essentials. Corner cabinets can run from the counter to the top of the cabinet line, and they can include lazy Susans to make items inside easily accessible.

Wine Rack

If you use your basement for entertaining, a custom wine rack above the sink or stove can make it easy to display and store your favorite vintages. Work with your contractor to create a rack that fits your available space, and consider adding a stemware holder to the bottom of this cabinet area. The stemware holder provides a handy way to keep wine glasses next to the bottles for effortless serving.

Pullout Garbage Drawers

Having a trashcan in the middle of your mini kitchen can take away from the overall look. Have your contractor create a set of custom pullout drawers that can accommodate a trashcan and recycling bins. One long drawer can include compartments for each type of trash to save space in your mini kitchen.

Custom Cabinet Panels

If you want to give your mini kitchen a streamlined look, consider having custom cabinet panels made for your refrigerator, dishwasher, and any other appliances in your counter line, with the exception of your stove and microwave. These cabinet panels cover the doors, creating a seamless look that's sure to impress guests. You can also use custom cabinet panels on the front of any bar area in your mini kitchen to add to the overall look.

As you plan out your mini kitchen's design, consider these cabinet ideas to create the perfect look while still making the space functional. Once the design is complete, you can begin shopping for cabinet hardware, lighting and other small details that can make your space truly stunning.

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