Benefits Of Different Fireplace Inserts

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Benefits Of Different Fireplace Inserts

12 April 2018
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While old-fashioned fireplaces can help you to keep your home warmer on those cold winter nights, it may not be as efficient of a source of heat as you may have hoped. It can also lead up to a build up of high levels of smoke both inside and outside of your house. There are some options you have available to you that are going to help you to continue using that fireplace in a different way that comes with some added benefits. Here are some different inserts you can choose from and the benefits each offers to you:

A pellet burning fireplace insert

You can choose to install a pellet burning insert in your fireplace. The pellet inserts offer some of their own benefits. The pellet insert will vent through the existing chimney and they burn recycled wood waste that has been condensed into pellets that are about the size of rabbit food pellets. The pellets are easy to start; you simply buy the pellets, pour them in and then press a button on the insert to start it. Some of the inserts allow you to set the thermostat and the insert will work on its own to achieve the desired temperature. A huge benefit of a pellet insert is it gives you a very clean burning option.

A wood burning fireplace insert

You can get a wood burning fireplace insert that will slide right into the fireplace you currently have in your home. One of the benefits that many of the wood burning inserts have is they also have a fan that is located under the firebox which allows you to blow that warm air into the room for added warmth and more heating efficiency. The wood burning inserts can also have decorative elements designed into them for an added fancy look to your fireplace. You will also find that you will tend to get more burn time out of wood logs that are burned in a fireplace insert than you would get out of the logs had they been put directly into the fireplace.

A gas burning fireplace insert

You can opt to go with a gas burning fireplace insert that has its own set of benefits for you to enjoy. A gas insert also fits right into the space of your fireplace and can offer decorative elements. These inserts use propane or natural gas to operate which helps to make them extremely cost-effective. You won't need to worry about them not looking like there is a real fire happening since fake logs or decorative chips will be inside the insert, making it look realistic while you warm the house. The gas inserts are the easiest ones for you to use since you get them started with the simple push of a button. You won't need to keep up with buying wood or pellets for them to operate.

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