Three Signs You Need To Clean Your Gutters

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Three Signs You Need To Clean Your Gutters

11 October 2018
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By the very nature of their job, your gutters can quickly become clogged with leaves and other pieces of organic debris. This can affect their performance and cause all sorts of complications for your roof and the rest of your home by preventing the proper drainage of water. Beyond actually getting up on the ladder to inspect your gutters, there are a few relatively easy to spot warning signs that your gutters need to be replaced that you can watch out for, so you can either clean them out yourself or call a professional service to do so for you.

Sagging and Pulling

One of the clearest signs that your gutters are overloaded with debris is if you find that they are physically moving away from the side of your home or sagging downwards. This can occur when debris and water collect in such quantities that their weight actually begins to place stress on the supports: you should have your gutters cleaned out immediately to ensure that physical damage that would require gutter repair or replacement does not occur.

The Presence of Animals

Another clear warning sign that you need to have your gutters cleaned out completely is if there are animals that have taken up residence in them. The presence of organic debris can encourage birds to build nests in the gutters, while squirrels and other animals may dig through the clogs in your gutters in search of food. In any case, their presence can cause damage to your gutters and increases the risk of animals finding access to your home. Cleaning your gutters out can help prevent this from happening: if pests are already in residence, talk to a pest control specialist about the proper way to remove them.

Overflow and Erosion

Finally, you should watch out for signs that water is overflowing from the sides of your gutters. This happens with a complete clog in the gutters, and causes water to run down the siding of your home. This can cause paint fading and visible wear on the siding itself, and in severe cases even cause water damage within your home. You should also watch out for signs of erosion in the flowerbeds and landscaping directly below your gutters: water that overflows can begin to remove soil and harm plants, and can even cause water to flood the area immediately around your home – where it can then cause foundation damage.

Contact a gutter repair service for more help.

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