Make Some Spreads And Wall Hangings To Spruce Up Your Back Porch's Atmosphere

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Make Some Spreads And Wall Hangings To Spruce Up Your Back Porch's Atmosphere

24 November 2018
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If you have an unflattering furniture ensemble stowed away on your back porch and it is surrounded by murky-looking walls, you probably don't consider the space suitable for your husband's staff party next month. If your spouse is gung ho about using the back porch because he would like to barbecue some food on the adjoining deck, then it is time to think about ways that you can spruce up the space without spending a lot of time or cash.

Make Some Spreads

If the furnishings contain torn vinyl or upholstered surfaces, make some homemade spreads out of colorful fabric. Choose a couple types of fabric that complement each other. A fabric style that contains a print and one that is a solid color or two types that contain similar prints will be suitable for the spreads. Measure the couch, chairs, and table that you wish to cover.

Use a sewing tape measure and fabric pen to mark the fabric. Use sewing scissors to cut along the lines. Apply self-adhesive lace or fabric trim along the edges of each spread. Self-adhesive beaded fringe is an alternate option if you want the spreads to have a fancier appearance. Cover the furnishings and smooth out the fabric spreads so that no wrinkles are present.

Place throw pillows in the opposite corners of the couch and place a faux flower display in the center of the table. Move the furnishings around if you plan on using one area of the back porch as a dining section and another area for conversation during the staff party.

Create Some Unique Wall Hangings

If you don't have time to paint the porch's walls, cleaning them and then covering stained areas with some unique wall hangings will work wonders for the drab atmosphere on the porch. Extra fabric scraps can be used as the art medium that is used to create the wall hangings.

First, use a cleaning solution and sponge to wipe down each wall. Avoid oversaturating the walls because dirty water will drip down onto the porch's flooring. While you wait for the walls to dry, begin making the wall hangings. Cut various shapes from the fabric and plan on integrating them across the surface of several pieces of cardboard or plywood.

Glue the fabric shapes directly across the cardboard or wood. Cover each surface in entirety. Add dimension to the wall hangings by overlapping several fabric pieces. After you have completed each wall hanging, use upholstery tacks or staples to secure them to the walls. 

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