Can Mold Ever Be Completely Removed?

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Can Mold Ever Be Completely Removed?

27 March 2019
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Mold is one of the toughest things you could go up against in your home. Mold has gained a reputation for developing quite easily and being rather difficult to get rid of afterward. Many homeowners have gone looking for a permanent solution after having to deal with mold a number of times. However, it's important to ask whether it's even possible to completely rid your home of mold.

Mold Spores Are Always There

If you've ever wondered why mold is always quick to form whenever you leave a surface or item of clothing wet for too long, you're not alone. The mold may not always be present in your house, but mold spores are always there.

Mold spores are 'seeds' from which mold grows. All they need is a little bit of moisture in an area away from direct sunlight and some organic material such as wood or cloth, which results in mold in a few days. The fact that the spores are always there and the abundance of moisture, wood, and cloth means that most people will encounter mold at some point.

Mold Can Be Removed Completely

While you can't really get rid of the mold spores, you can get rid of mold completely by cleaning all items and surfaces that are affected by the mold. These surfaces and items have to be cleaned by substances that are able to kill the mold such as bleach.

However, many people have tried unsuccessfully to get rid of mold from their houses, usually facing the same problem a short while later. This is because although mold can be removed, the process of removing it is far from simple.

Mold spreads quite easily, and homeowners can easily spread it to other parts of the house while cleaning it off other surfaces. Additionally, when cleaning the mold, you have to ensure that you get all of it to keep it from coming back.

How to Keep Mold Away

If you've had a mold problem, the first thing you need to do is to hire a residential mold removal team to get rid of all the mold. Once the mold has been professionally cleaned out, you should take steps to ensure that conditions which encourage mold growth are absent from your house. This means getting rid of moisture from surfaces and drying wet fabrics as quickly as possible and ensuring that your bathrooms are properly ventilated.

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