3 DIY Projects You Can Do In A Weekend

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3 DIY Projects You Can Do In A Weekend

14 May 2019
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Weekends can start to seem monotonous if you're not careful. Watching television and sitting on the couch is what many people default to, but it isn't very exciting. This weekend, get your hands dirty with a little do-it-yourself project. All you need is a plan and a trip to your local hardware store. Here are three projects you can try to get started:

1. Build a custom vanity.

If you're a makeup enthusiast, you probably already know how frustrating it is trying to put on makeup in a cramped bathroom with poor lighting. What you really need is your own vanity, but ready-made vanities can be prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, you can easily make your own.

Search secondhand shops and garage sales for an antique desk, then find a mirror to match. Attach the mirror to your desk with a few screws, and you have your vanity. Place your vanity near a window for natural light that will make applying makeup a snap.

2. Reupholster your dining room chairs.

If you've had the same furniture for a while, you may be getting tired of the same look. However, you don't have to throw out your old furniture and buy replacements when there's a more frugal alternative. Spend the weekend reupholstering your dining room chairs to totally transform them. All you need is upholstery fabric, scissors or a seam ripper, and a staple gun.

Carefully remove the old fabric using the scissors and seam ripper, then use it as a pattern. Cut your new upholstery fabric to the correct size and shape, and use the staple gun to secure it to your chair. Smooth down the fabric as you work to avoid unsightly bunched fabric and unwanted folds.

3. Refinish your desk.

If you have an old desk sitting in your office, it might be showing the signs of wear and use over the years. Wood needs to be properly maintained or it can get scuffed and dull. Give your desk new life by refinishing it.

Take your desk outside and lightly sand it to remove surface damage. You should wear a face mask and goggles during this step to avoid inhaling saw dust. Once your desk has been sanded, use a wood stain to bring back its natural luster. Darker stains can add drama to your desk while also making it more resistant to showing dirt and stains. Finally, finish your desk with a coat of wood varnish to protect its surface.

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