Five Ways A Damaged Lawn Mower Can Hurt You

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Five Ways A Damaged Lawn Mower Can Hurt You

28 January 2020
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A lawn mower is in every yard. It's brought out every spring. And many assume that it's an innocuous piece of equipment. But a lawn mower is actually a very powerful tool, and a lawn mower that's been damaged can easily hurt someone in these five ways.

1. By Starting When You Don't Expect It

Many older lawn mowers can actually start when you're working on the blade. If you spin the blade while you're working on it, it can trigger the motor. Otherwise, the lawn mower might start when the blade is exposed, or when the lawn mower is in a bad position. All these issues can cause injury or can cause damage to a lawn or flooring.

2. By Kicking Up Items 

If the lawn mower's blade isn't properly contained, it will more easily kick up things like rocks and wood. The lawn mower contains the blade with its chassis, and the chassis makes sure that items that are run over remain under the mower. If the chassis is cracked or brittle, it's not going to be able to protect you from any flung debris.

3. By Leaking Gasoline

Gas-powered lawn mowers may start leaking gasoline and may become a fire hazard. Add this to sparks or dry weather, and you could cause a fire around your own home. If you smell gasoline at all when using your lawn mower, you should stop to determine whether there may be a serious leak.

4. By Causing You to Sprain Something

If the lawn mower isn't moving easily enough, you can easily sprain your wrists or your ankles. A lawn mower is built to glide across the grass. Wheels and axles can stick, thereby making the entire machine stick, and thereby causing a serious strain, sprain, or injury.

5. By Slipping

Conversely, if the lawn mower is broken in a way that makes it slip outside of your grasp, it's possible that it could run over someone else's foot or an animal. Lawn mowers that move erratically can cause many problems, from spraining to slipping, and need to be fixed. A repair professional will be able to fix or replace the wheels accordingly.

These issues are exactly why a damaged lawn mower should be repaired and why lawn mower repair services are recommended. If you don't have a professional look at your lawn mower, you could get hurt trying to repair it. Call a lawn mower repair service today to get help.

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