Tips To Keep Your Locks Maintained And Your Home Secure

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Tips To Keep Your Locks Maintained And Your Home Secure

17 March 2020
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Your home is your protection from the outside world, and the locks on your home can make or break the security of your home. Without locks that are secure and maintained, they can fail on you and allow unauthorized persons to get into your home. Here are some tips to keep your home locks in good condition to keep your house safe and protected.

Change Out Locks

One of the first things you need to do when moving into a new place is to change out the locks with a new lock and key set. You don't know who has extra keys to your home, and you don't want them to be able to get into your home. If you are renting the property, talk to your landlord first. 

Buy a new set of locks at a local home improvement store and place them on your home's exterior doors. It is most helpful if you can get a set of locks that work with all the same key so you don't have to carry around multiple keys on your key ring. And if you can find an electronic lock to replace your old, this will allow you to use a keypad or electronic key fob to enter your home. 

To further help you add a new lock to your home, hire a local locksmith to professionally replace your locksets. While they are installing your new lockset, you can ask them to upgrade your home's deadbolt to include a high-security deadbolt with a longer length on the locking pin. This will help keep your home more secure.

Lubricate Your Exterior Locks Regularly

Your home's outside locks keep your property safe from intruders but they are also exposed to a great deal of dirt and debris that are present outside and on your key. Each time you push your key into the lock, it also pushes dirt and debris into the lock. And any sticky lubrication that you have used inside your lock will attract and build up the dirt and debris to create a thick gum that will cause your lock to stick.

Be sure you keep your lock lubricated regularly to prevent lock problems. Use powder lubrication, such as graphite powder, and not wet lubrication, such as WD-40. Oil-based lubrication is great to loosen up your lock right away, but it will cause more problems for you as time passes. Look for a graphite powder spray that you can spray directly into the lock. Push your key into the lock, moving it in and out to distribute the graphite and loosen the tumblers. You can also hire a local locksmith, such as Bob's Lock & Key, to help you with this maintenance.

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