Keeping your home and yard clean can be an overwhelming task. Learn tips for handling home cleaning tools and supplies.

More Than A Sack Of Potatoes: The 411 On Cleaning Your Burlap Window Treatments

24 May 2016
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From country-inspired d├ęcor and vintage accessories to a rustic-themed home that is casual and comfortable, burlap is an excellent option to complement many decorating styles. Burlap is made from jute fibers, which are resistant to tearing and weathering, so it is a strong material to use around your home in a variety of ways. The light and airy construction of burlap also makes it a good fabric choice for your window treatments, since it allows a small amount of natural light to come into your home. Read More …

Musty Smells From Your Central AC: Why This Happens And How To Eliminate The Problem

27 April 2016
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It's quite normal to smell a musty smell coming from your vents when you initially turn on your central air conditioning system for the first time in the summer season. But this smell should go away after running the system for a couple hours. If your AC system has a musty smell that will not go away, you might need to take a few steps to get rid of this odor. Read More …

5 Times You Should Apply Sealant To Your Stone Veneers

27 April 2016
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Whether you are completing a new stone veneer installation or are maintaining previously installed stone veneers, you may wonder whether sealant is necessary and how much you should apply to your veneers to keep them safe and looking new. While sealant can bring out the features of your stone veneers and protect them from damage, applying sealant is not mandatory in every situation. This is because quality stone veneers are colored all the way through and should chip and wear without much visual change. Read More …

Brighten Your Living Room for Spring

4 April 2016
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The winter is officially over, and you might be chomping at the bit to get that springtime feeling well established in your home. Your living room is where much of the action of the house takes place, and it makes sense to start your warm-weather makeover there. Here are some tips to beat out those winter doldrums and lighten and brighten the living room. 1. Let the Sun Shine In Read More …

Moving Your Garden: Is It Possible?

1 April 2016
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Planting season and home-buying season tend to overlap in much of the country. If you are getting ready to move, you might be sad about leaving your garden behind. What you might not know is that there are actually ways of bringing your garden to your new home. Read these tips to help you make the decision of whether or not to take your garden with you when you move. Read More …

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