the things we use to clean our homes

Keeping your home and yard clean can be an overwhelming task. Learn tips for handling home cleaning tools and supplies.

3 DIY Projects You Can Do In A Weekend

14 May 2019
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Weekends can start to seem monotonous if you're not careful. Watching television and sitting on the couch is what many people default to, but it isn't very exciting. This weekend, get your hands dirty with a little do-it-yourself project. All you need is a plan and a trip to your local hardware store. Here are three projects you can try to get started: 1. Build a custom vanity. If you're a makeup enthusiast, you probably already know how frustrating it is trying to put on makeup in a cramped bathroom with poor lighting. Read More …

Can Mold Ever Be Completely Removed?

27 March 2019
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Mold is one of the toughest things you could go up against in your home. Mold has gained a reputation for developing quite easily and being rather difficult to get rid of afterward. Many homeowners have gone looking for a permanent solution after having to deal with mold a number of times. However, it's important to ask whether it's even possible to completely rid your home of mold. Mold Spores Are Always There Read More …

4 Details To Think About When Buying Furniture For A Home Office

12 February 2019
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If you have an extra room in your house, you may want to turn it into an office. This will be an excellent addition when you are able to handle some work at home. Creating this dedicated space will also give you a place to go for taking care of other responsibilities such as filing taxes, paying bills, and organizing finances. To turn a bedroom into a home office, you will need to do a lot of furniture shopping. Read More …

3 Benefits Of A Water Softener

28 December 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

There are some things that you have to have in your house, like a furnace and running water, but there are other things, like a water softener, that you don't necessarily need but that will definitely be beneficial. But why? Water softeners are unique systems that are attached to your hot water tank in your house. By filtering the water with a salt-based substance, water softeners help to get rid of all of the damaging minerals in traditional hard water. Read More …

Make Some Spreads And Wall Hangings To Spruce Up Your Back Porch’s Atmosphere

24 November 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If you have an unflattering furniture ensemble stowed away on your back porch and it is surrounded by murky-looking walls, you probably don't consider the space suitable for your husband's staff party next month. If your spouse is gung ho about using the back porch because he would like to barbecue some food on the adjoining deck, then it is time to think about ways that you can spruce up the space without spending a lot of time or cash. Read More …

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the things we use to clean our homes

We rely on the tools that we need to keep our homes clean to work as they should when we go to use them. Unfortunately, things like vacuum cleaners and rug scrubbers tend to break at the most inconvenient times. Do you know what to do if your vacuum cleaner's belt slips, the filter clogs or it just won't turn on? What do you do when your rug scrubber won't suck the water back out of the carpet that it just put down? My blog is all about the things we use to keep our homes clean. You will learn what to do when they won't work and how to make them work to the best of their abilities.