Keeping your home and yard clean can be an overwhelming task. Learn tips for handling home cleaning tools and supplies.

Window Replacement Guide

19 February 2021
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Old, worn-out windows can be an eyesore. They can also be expensive. Older windows often lead to energy loss and higher heating and cooling bills. Knowing when to replace can save you money. Window Glass Issues The pane system in your window is the cause of many glass problems. Single-pane windows are uninsulated, which can lead to energy loss and temperature discomfort in your own home. Multi-pane windows provide insulation, unless the seal on the panes fails. Read More …

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We rely on the tools that we need to keep our homes clean to work as they should when we go to use them. Unfortunately, things like vacuum cleaners and rug scrubbers tend to break at the most inconvenient times. Do you know what to do if your vacuum cleaner's belt slips, the filter clogs or it just won't turn on? What do you do when your rug scrubber won't suck the water back out of the carpet that it just put down? My blog is all about the things we use to keep our homes clean. You will learn what to do when they won't work and how to make them work to the best of their abilities.